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RP Log: Kaiba & Pegasus
kaiba & bewd

Roleplay Log: DOTR []
Anime: Yuugiou Duel Monsters
Characters: Kaiba (black text) played by Ryo, Pegasus (red text) played by Jordan
JANUARY 18th, 2011 - FEBRUARY 2nd 2011

Oh my~! And look who we have here. ~! -LOL LETS PRETEND THEY'RE LIKE IDK, BEING RICH BUSINESS MEN OR SOMETHING AND RAN INTO EACH OTHER... SOMEWHERE, K?; smirks, running his fingers through his hair- I'm disappointed in you, Kaiba-boy. I was thoroughly expecting you to have sent me a birthday card back in October. -feigns a look of sadness- I had my butlers forward you one for yours. Did that ever reach you~? -lmfao he probably didn't do this; && im sorry my Pegasus muse is bad right nowklffkjdk-


Don't act so surprised. - scoffs -
Assumedly the "great" Pegasus would have more important things to worry about than such a juvenile venture as a birthday card. Then again, you always liked that childish nonsense.

But to answer your question: Yes, it reached me, and I promptly threw it in the garbage can.

ooc: NO i love your pegasus. you're awesome ~

-smiles broadly at hearing all this- Indeed, I do love that sort nonsense. After all, I am a sentimental person. ~ I had even made room on my desk for your prospective birthday card, and when it never came, I was terribly devastated! -sighs dramatically, bringing a hand to his head as if he were feeling faint, but is still smiling- Kaiba-boy, you are just so cruel. ~ Especially after I had gone through the trouble of picking out a card with -- your favorite, the Blue Eyes Toon Dragon, and all of his Toon World friends!

ooc; l-lol thank you. i'm trying my best even so!! if i keep going, i think i'll get better as we go along.

I really don't care about your feelings, Pegasus. Sentimentality is not something I'd waste my time with. You know quite well that I detest that horrible mutilation of the Blue Eyes White Dragon, along with the rest of your bizarre toon monsters.
- /scowls, remembering his duel with pegasus in duelist kingdom -

Also, you may want to examine your definition of the word "cruel." I believe YOU were the one kidnapping, plotting a coup d'état, cheating, and what did you call it? Oh yes... "stealing souls." Consider your past actions and then tell me who is truly the crueler individual between the two of us.
- /glare -

ooc: you're doing great hunny : )

-listens semi-patiently l-lol, throwing in useless phrases such as, “Oh no!” when appropriate meaning every time Kaiba burned him good, however, even still, he looks highly amused with all which was said-
Come now, you’re completely overreacting; it wasn’t that horrific. ~ I happen to think my makeover of your beloved dragon was marvelous. Perhaps as a belated birthday present I should fetch you a pair of rose colored glasses. Who knows, wearing such a pair might change your entire outlook on life. And of course, we can’t forget what’s most important – appreciating my lovable toon monsters!
-knows exactly what he’s referring to when the other speaks of his past misdeeds, his jubilant demeanor lessening sliiiighlty-
You know, I had considered sending you a second card along with the one which was supposed to have been for your birthday. …One which would have been expressing my deepest regrets for what happened during that vivacious, little tournament of mine. I’m utterly ashamed to be admitting this to you, Kaiba-boy. But…-pauses, trying to make it seem like he’s about to say something sincerely emotional-

I couldn’t seem to find the funds to afford one for you. ~ -SMIRKS-

I went over my company budget with donations to various charities in the last fiscal year. After hearing about this, are you still going to be implying that an obvious philanthropist like me is cruel? –shakes his head, laughing lightly- We had really ought to get you to that optometrist as soon as we can. You need your rosy lenses more than you know.

You of all people should understand— you were the one who created Duel Monsters. To deface such a beautiful creature as the Blue Eyes White Dragon while feeling not an ounce of remorse is absolutely despicable. In addition, I have no need for such a metaphor that suggests I blind myself to reality in order to grasp happiness, as you have done.
- his words reek of contempt -

Duelist Kingdom was hardly a "little" tournament; though in comparison to mine, it was severely lacking. Even so— the tournament aside—if it wasn't for the fact that you cheated in our duel, I would have certainly reclaimed my company and rescued Mokuba. It's disgraceful how the creator of Duel Monsters thinks it necessary to cheat in order to win, instead of using his own skill. Don't you agree?

But really, I don't have time to read any cards you have sent or plan to send me. If it's not business-related, then I don't care to see it. And your sarcasm is unnecessary; I know quite well that you have efficient funds to spend on many a whimsical desire of yours. I just can't picture you as a philanthropist; the only image that comes to my mind is a brilliant creator who went mad with his desire to bring a dead person back to life: that which is impossible. And this is reality. So take off your rose-tinted glasses, Pegasus. It is time to see the world for what it truly is.

ooc: i need to watch epsidoes w kaiba... like badly. cuz this ain't perfect. lol.

-at the mention of his DEAD LOVER his tone becomes humorless, and his expression impassive-
Ah. I see that you’ve been busy snooping into the rather… intimate details of my life. I never had you pegged as a busybody, Kaiba-boy. ~ But as you already know exactly what my goal was in Duelist Kingdom – to resurrect someone who has long since left this world, I suppose there’s no need to handle this matter delicately. I don’t feel that it is necessary to give you an explanation for why I was so adamant about reviving the dearly departed. Nevertheless, I will say this: couldn’t bringing someone back to life be considered a form of philanthropic behavior~?
–annnd once again, he’s lost most of his seriousness, not being able to hide the small grin which has now formed Trolololol-

I can tell you’re not in a good mood right now. ~ Especially if you’re going to be accusing me, the creator of Duel Monsters, of being a cheater. That’s a serious allegation to be throwing around as thoughtlessly as you are right now. I’d never lower myself to using underhanded methods to win a duel. When we dueled, I was only using the same tactics which Yuugi-boy uses in his own duels. Or do you consider him to be a cheater as well, for dueling with a Sennen Item?
–chuckles, fiddling with his hair which falls over his Sennen Eye-less eye socket-
I know, it must be difficult to accept that you were defeated by me, but it doesn’t make you any less of a duelist~! In my book, you are the second best duelist in the entire world. That’s something to be proud of.

But girlfrann', I feel the same way. lol When I have more time, I plan to go back and read the manga chapters with Pegasus in them.

- eyes narrow -
It's not like I went out of my way to find out all the scrupulous details of your personal life. But the thing is, a good CEO needs to stay informed about his opponents, both business and dueling-wise, that's all. And the employees in Kaiba Corporation's intelligence department do their job well, obviously... because I am the one who hired them. - smirk -

Not that I would care if you were to give me any reason you may have for wanting to revive said dead person. So indeed, you are right; it is quite unnecessary. And you're suggesting that your "goal" was philanthropic? Hardly. The only good thing you ever did was create the game of Duel Monsters. Last time I checked, being a necrophiliac wasn't something that most people appreciate, nor think very highly of.

None of my allegations are thoughtless. It's clear to me that the only way you could have possibly beaten me in that duel was by cheating. There is no other way that you could have known the cards in my hand. I don't believe in any of that sennen item foolishness. All of it is nonsense, so don't try passing off your underhanded cheating ways as this non-existent Egyptian magic crap that everyone is always raving about. - crosses arms -

The compliments are unnecessary: trust me... I know how skilled of a duelist I am. I don't need someone like you to tell me. And I certainly don't need to be compared to Yuugi, of all people. But like I said before, if you have nothing business-related to address with me, then this conversation ends here. - arm motion as if he's tossing some invisible burdening thing off to the side yeah that kind of motion you know the one like when he duels -

ooc: there are only so many physical actions that i can make kaiba do... lol.. no pun intended - headscratch -

- kaiba conveniently is riding in the back of his limo as it stops at a red light. what will happen next?!?!?! -
ooc; I know I totally should be working on the other reply to you but...


- kaiba notices another limo pull up next to his but a little farther up. if he strains his eyes at an awkward angle he can see the license plate number accompanied by the katakana for "Industrial Illusions" above it.

- eyes narrow as he mutters .. -

-so Pegasus just happened to be also driving down the same street, and was stopped at the same light, and he would have been looking out his window, noticing Kaiba's limo beside his own. and he decides that this is a perfectly good opportunity for him to say "hi", and so he probably has some fancy calling system in the back of his limo, which of course, Kaiba boy is on speed dial nothing creepy or anything. he's probably like 13th or something. RING, RING, RING, KAIBA BOY. PICK UP YOUR PHONE!-

- the cell phone/intercom thing built into kaiba's white coat starts beeping and flashing so he presses it to answer -


-he said that "hello" in English-

The great Kaiba Seto answered his phone for me. Aren't I lucky?

-he laughs-

...Hopefully, we'll be able to have a nice conversation this time without you hanging up on me. I was depressed for days about that, you know. You could have at least said goodbye.

-Pegasus' tone makes it apparent that in actuality he isn't the least bit upset about being hung up on-

Look over to your left, and tell me what you see. ~

-Pegasus' limo is in the lane on the left of Kaiba's limo-

- his sense of hearing is thoroughly irritated at how loud pegasus had herro-ed into the receiver -

You should feel incredibly blessed that I found the time out of my busy schedule to answer your phone call. But I refuse to have a conversation with you unless it's concerning business-related matters. Last time you called me in the middle of an important meeting-- my mistake for thinking it was something urgent. You'd better get used to being hung up on because I'd never waste my breath on a goodbye for you, Pegasus.

- kaiba glances left and sees the limo he had previously noticed before LOL your line was totally phonesex status-
... why the hell are you following me around?

- kaiba senses the beginning of a headache in the workings and suddenly says in annoyance... -

The only reason I answered your call was so I could let you know that I'M FILING A RESTRAINING ORDER...!

-indeed, it was said very loudly, and was intended to have been irritating; he gasps dramatically-

Restraining order...? Goodness, why ever would you need to get one of those?! And, who are you filing it against? Terrible to hear that you have someone harassing you, Kaiba boy.

-he knows perfectly well who the restraining order is going to be filed against; he chuckles-

How could I possibly be following you? I'm sitting in my car right now. ~ And, you know, this happens to be the only street to the charity banquet which I'm thinking that you're headed to as weeee~ll.
...I told you, I'm a philanthropist, after all!

-probably by now, the light is no longer red, and their limos have started driving again, but are still next to one another because of how traffic is, and of course, Pegasus takes note of this-

Just think, if you were more inclined to pick up calls from your old friend -- and it was your own fault for picking up during your meeting, might I add -- we could have rode in the same car, and possibly preserved our ozone layer for a bit longer!

-he sounds like he really couldn't give a rats ass about the ozone layer. it's mostly just him babbling on and on to try playing mind games with Kaiba i feel like this entire phone call has phonesex-ish-creeper implications LOL-

And... at the same time, we could have caught up! Lately you've been so distant. ~

You have a point: I wouldn't need one, technically. My security personnel would do a better job than any police force in this country. I thought it was quite obvious as to who I would be filing it against. - eyeroll - You are just one of the many pests that I have to deal with— unfortunately on a day-to-day basis. - kaiba secretly enjoys it-

Philanthropist, my ass. Whoever added you to the guest list probably has some mild case of mental retardation or is a victim to frequent hallucinatory episodes. - scoff -

- kaiba frowns more as the light turns green and the limos start to move, yet pegasus's vehicle is still next to his -

Honestly though, what in the world gave you the idea that we are friends? You must be as stupid as the person who invited you to the banquet. There's also no way that I would ride in a car with you; I prefer to travel alone, thanks. We have no "catching-up" to do. So stop wasting my time.

- kaiba tells his limo driver to drive faster please... so he can get away from pegasus's limo and have some peace of mind. /kaiba's black limo starts to inch past pegasus's white one -

Hm, What? I didn't quite catch that first part. There was static, pesky interference. Possibly because of the amount of metal in the buildings around us. ~ All I heard was you saying something about your security personnel.

-this could have been a likely story if they hadn't just driven by a section of town which was being redeveloped. the office buildings which would have had lots of "metal" in them were demolished months ago... -

I'm ecstatic that we're going to a party together, Kaiba boy. It's been at least... a week since I last had the pleasure of seeing you in person. Unless you count right now.

-not that Kaiba could see it, but he taps against the glass window of the limo, laughing-

Did you get to see the entire guest list? There's going to be many people there who you know and love. ~

-He's most likely referring to like old business associates of the Big Five-

Oh, I'm just so excited to get there! Aren't you?! We're going to have a grand time, I'm sure. ...Or at least, I intend to.

-Pegasus heard Kaiba tell his driver to accelerate, even though he's pretending like he didn't hear it, and he frowns slightly when he realizes that Kaiba's planning to try and ditch him by speeding up. He proceeds to ask his own driver to 'drive a little bit faster' under the guise of him being excited about the festivities taking place at the charity banquet; Pegasus' limo is slowly starting to catch up with Kaiba's, uh oh.-

- kaiba: facepalm -
You're a terrible liar, you know.
- kaiba, being the informed businessman that he is, obviously already knows all about the renovations and the non-metal-ness of the new buildings, etc. -
At least get your facts right. It seems you might be slipping a bit, hmm, Pegasus?
- /referring to the necessity of biznaz men to be able to lie through their teeth lool -

But nevermind that...

I think it would be prudent to turn that limousine of yours around. You wouldn't want to show up at a party you weren't invited to.
- still in denial that they are going to the same banquet together -
I know you to be a man who boasts of his formalities and excellent manners, so crashing a VIP party would be entirely against your moral values, yes?

I haven't seen any guest list. It's not like I would really care about any of the people going, so why would I go out of my way to see the guest list? goddamn those big 5 LOL

Next time, let's try to make it to a month before you see me again. We'll see if you can beat your current record of 18 days, 2 hours, 21 minutes and 3 seconds.

But I don't really care what you do, as long as you stay away from me.

- noticing the white limo approaching quickly, kaiba clears his throat and the driver looks at him in the rearview. kaiba folds his arms expactantly...
the driver asks: "K-kaiba-sama? I'm already driving 15 k-kilometers [10 mph] over the speed limit."
Kaiba: "I don't care. Step on it."

...and so the limo driver guns it !!!-

What would ever make you think that I was lying? It's against my morals to lie. So, no, I'm not slipping. If anything is going to slip, I'd say it would be your chauffeur's foot on the gas petal.

-he can hardly stifle a laugh at saying this, because obviously -- IT'S NOT TRUE. and he's a little bit disappointed because Kaiba's limousine just drove extremely far ahead of his own, but he doesn't plan to let on that this is so-

Going a little fast there, don't you think? If you were being a law abiding citizen right now, then perhaps I could prove that I am indeed invited to this function by rolling down my window, and presenting my invitation to you. It's a good thing we're friends, Kaiba boy, and I know that nothing's malfunctioning with your automobile. Or else, I might have considered alerting Japan's road security personnel about a run-away limousine, suffering from break failure.

But you are correct; I do think that crashing parties is in bad taste.

-once again, Pegasus tries not to laugh, hardly being able to contain the mirth in his voice-

I'm upset to hear that my presence at our joint destination isn't something which you seem to care about. ~ It's a shame, really.

Now I'll just feel oh so strange trying to strike up a conversation with you when we arrive. If you had taken the time to view the guest list, which also contained a diagram with seating arrangements, you'd have seen that we are going to be sitting at the same table. Right next to each other, in fact.

-somewhere up ahead, the next light has just turned red, and Pegasus who was hoping for something like that to happen reverts again to English and saying "Bull's eye!" IDEK LOL in excitement that Kaiba is going to be stuck at this next light with him when their limos both come to a full halt-

Ah, yes, September. That was certainly a dreary month. I was feeling a bit under the weather, and so I couldn't make the time to come and see you. ...Do you remember that cute Funny Rabbit themed game I forwarded to you by email then? I hope you enjoyed playing it as much as I did. ~

Riiight. - /sarcasm -
don't try to cover up your frequent liar miles, i know all about them.

Really, Pegasus? kaiba seto is above the law!! I'm quite sure I have enough money to bribe any road official into giving in to my demands. Seeing as you are also a man of large fortune, I'm sure you can say the same for yourself. So may I suggest that you stop being a backseat driver, and let me on my merry way? I do not care to see your invitation which may or may not exist, nor do I care to hear your incessant prattle any longer. - /voice is dripping with... ~*~CONTEMPT~*~ -

- at hearing that they will be seated next to each other, kaiba swiftly unlatches his briefcase and whips out a travel-size bottle of aspirin to pop a few pills; that budding headache from earlier has just unfortunately hit him full blast in this moment -

LMFAO "bull's eye!"
- kaiba notices his limo slowing down fast, approaching the red light... /pressing two fingers to his temple -

- /mutters - I delete all your email forwards. You actually expect me to open such junk?

I hope you eat some undercooked meat at this banquet so you'll get sick again and we won't have to see each other for a long, long time. - makes a "tsk!" noise, pretending like he'd actually miss pegasus's attention or someting -

- the two limos (black and white) have now stopped completely at the light, kaiba on the left backseat side of his and pegasus on his limo's backseat right it rhymed! lol i'm awesome -

LOL! HOLY SHIT. HAHA. I'll have you know that it's my liar miles which fly me around the world!
Ooooh, marvelous! Living life on the edge! You're just so daring and ferocious with that wallet of yours. I think I can almost hear the coins in there jingling about even though your telephone. -he snorts-
Merry way...?
Ah, but would you really be having a gay-old-time silently mulling over our current conversation if you were to hang up, only to see me minuets later yet again?

-it turns out that the rattling about which Pegasus jokingly assumed were the coins in his wallet was actually aspirin. not that Pegasus would ever know that; of all the things that Kaiba has thrown at Pegasus, it's hearing that his emails are pretty much all deleted hopefully minus the important business related ones which actually makes him just a tad bit peeved. or perhaps he's just using this as an excuse to pretend that he is. the latter is more likely-

Goddammit! -English, again-
You delete my forwards? Without opening them? If you had opened them, I'm sure you'd have been pleasantly surprised to find that they aren't junk. Especially that Funny Rabbit game. It was highly stimulating. Mentally stimulating, of course. It was a number game. Not that you'd know that, as you didn't even look at it.

-by now Pegasus has slid over to the left side of his backseat, and he fiddles around with his own briefcase, plucking the invitation to the event which they're headed to from a pocket, and proceeds to press a button on the limousine door, which rolls down his window-

And I told you I was going to show you proof. Look here~
It even says table seven on it -- as yours does, too. Gotta rub salt in the wound that they're sitting at the same table

-and at that, he holds his invitation out his window, grinning at Kaiba's tinted window, figuring that he'll look over; he speaks a bit louder so that his speaker phone in the limo can pick up his voice with the outside sounds of other cars and what not now resonating into the speaker-

Oh, and Kaiba boy? You don't have to worry about me becoming ill tonight. I've requested the vegetarian dish. But that is terribly kind of you to be worrying about my health!



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