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An Examination of Mutou Yuugi
The following entry is for Skye, since she's planning on playing Yuugi in HITO and she needs some tips.

Firstly, I got a some clips from the "series zero" anime as well as the "second series" anime Yuugiou: DM. It's quite a large file (62.22 MB, maybe 9 min long?), but you can always delete it after viewing it. The file is an .wmv file and it can be viewed in Windows Media Player (idk what you should view it in if you have a mac though). If you can't view it for some reason, let me know and I'll convert it to another format or compress it or something. Anyway, it's downloadable here.

After watching that, it would be helpful to read the follow excerpt from a ship manifesto in which Yuugi's character is described: Swiped from here.

"Full Name: Yuugi Mutou
AKA: Aibou, Mou hitori no ore/The other me, Mou hitori no Yuugi/The other Yuugi (though usually left ignored by his friends when Yami is in control), and a variety of terms that range from Chibi-chan (an insulting term for someone short) to Darling to Vessel.
Age: 16 through 17 over the course of the series.
Family: Grandfather Sugoroku Mutou, Mother (unnamed), and Father (who remains conspicuously absent. On a ‘business trip overseas’ according to Takahashi’s on the spot answer).

Much of Yuugi’s character evolved from the fact he was alone for most of his life. Growing up, he only had one friend, Anzu Mazaki, who was usually off spending time with someone else. He’s a little strange, as almost every main character has commented at least once, and completely obsessed with games, especially puzzles. He solved the Millenium Puzzle, believing it would grant his wish of gaining true friends, and began to be possessed by Yami, quickly immersing him in a world of dark magic. Until the very end of the manga, he remains stubborn in the belief that he would never have made any friends without the puzzle, despite the hell it made of his life.

Yuugi is quiet. He is always polite, modest to the point of being self-depreciating, and is a bit of a pushover. He also tends toward the martyristic, which works quite well because there an awful lot of people that want to hurt him. In the beginning of the manga, he didn’t have much experience with social situations, and in public would tend to act much younger and excitable than he really was. However, the more he came to trust himself and his friends, the quieter and more mature he became. This is actually a problem, because he hides behind Yami, and it leads even his best friends to think he’s far weaker than he really is, thinking many of his good points to belong to the spirit. Yuugi is naïve and far too trusting, believing in the good in people even after they’ve tried to kill him several times. However, considering that all of his friends have hurt him at least emotionally, that could be construed as a good thing. He is always kind and a little too emotional, but a combination of naivete and strength will always keep him going, even after he’s dead and souless."

Now, if we want to get a little deeper into Yuugi's head... onto an examination by immicolia!

Original text found here.

"This would be the meta I was talking about on Friday. Which is rambling and pointless because I can't focus my thoughts to save my life. And goes on multiple tangents involving Yugi, his tendency to hide himself, and the shear self-destructiveness of his giving nature. Keep in mind that I have yet to see the end of Battle City as well. Because Viz sucks and keeps slowing down their translation of the manga (which I prefer to use when it comes to analyzing canon) I do finally have all of Battle City on DVD now (HK subs but... You know, it works) but have yet to get around to watching it because the stupid card games keep putting me to sleep. As such, there's a small gap in my knowledge of canon. I haven't seen the Malik vs. Jounouchi or Yami vs. Kaiba duels yet (okay, half truth, I saw maybe an episode or so of Yami vs. Kaiba dubbed). Although I have seen most of Yami vs. Malik.

So as I said, crabapplered and I have been trading comments about Yugi, his dueling skill, his relationship to his friends, and so on. Started by her annoyance over the "he's become a strong duelest" line on this page since she (actually both of us) believe that Yugi has always been a skilled duelist, just nobody ever noticed because of the glory hog ghost that happens to be living in his bling. (I enjoy summing it up as: Yugi has a martyr complex, the Other has a god complex, together they almost make a functioning human being).

So the question was put forth, just how well do Yugi's friends actually know him. Because despite how honest and open he appears, he also spends a great deal of his time hiding his true self. I don't think it's entirely intentional, at first he doesn't know exactly what is wrong with him. He's aware of the blackouts, and the possibility that he may have some sort of a potentially dangerous split personality, but he hides it. From everyone. Because he's ultimately afraid that his newfound friends will ditch him once they find out. Yugi's friends are, of course, loyal to the end, but the fact that they didn't even notice any odd behaviour up until Death-T still strikes me as a bit telling. Of either a) just how good at hiding Yugi is or b) just how little they pay attention to him, despite their loyalty.

After Death-T, the whole gang knows about the "Other Yugi" but in his own way, Yugi's still hiding. Behind his Other this time. The Other protects him, shields him from having to deal (although, granted, a lot of the things he is forced to deal with are more than any teenager probably should have to ^^) and Yugi quietly retreats behind him more and more. Although, a lot of Yugi's constant retreating can probably be attributed to Yugi's entirely giving nature, and the plain and simple fact that he will give anything to someone he cares about or considers a friend. Even at the risk of his own health and personal safety. The Other is a lost spirit, without memories or a past or a body; so Yugi will give him his own. Quietly stepping back until he is the shadow in his own life. And the only time he has ever fought the Other's possession is when someone else's life is at risk. Kaiba during Duelist Kingdom when the Other was ready to let him jump off a tower. And Brainwashed!Jounouchi during Battle City, where Yugi was more intent on trying to get him to remember, something that he knew the Other wouldn't be able to do.

As a sidebar: 'Red, remember how when we were discussing Yugi's dueling skills I said that Bat vs. Yugi was the first time that Yugi was involved with a life or death duel. I was wrong. I totally forgot the Yugi vs. Brainwashed!Jounouchi duel. Probably because Battle City mostly bores the crap out of me. But yes, with this there is absolutely no reason why Yugi's friends should be surprised at his dueling skill. Then again, it can also be argued that Jounouchi was brainwashed and ultimately didn't remember much of what happened, and I believe Anzu was brainwashed through most of it too. So the only ones who witnessed it were the Other (who kept wanting to come out and fight, to keep Yugi safe) and the Kaiba brothers.

This can sort of segue into the fact that Yugi is almost dangerously giving. As long as he considers a person a friend, he will do anything for them. From receiving a severe beating to refusing to leave a burning building. (Sidebar: in actual fact, there's a whole other layer of "how screwed up is Yugi's head" in the fact that he always considered Jounouchi and Honda friends even though they tormented the hell out of him. Certainly they didn't beat him up, but they sure as hell picked on him a lot, leading me to believe that he must have had some sort of a "They're paying attention to me, they're just teasing, they really like me...." Sort of mantra of the bullied going on in the back of his mind.) But, back to point, he is willing to die for the people he cares about. Without hesitation. An unfaltering loyalty that is returned.

Something that I wonder is why Yugi is so willing to exchange his life for others. Certainly from a view outside of the text you can tell it's used to simply further the inherent themes about the importance of friendship that are the mainstay of the series. But from Yugi's view on it's own. Obviously, judging from the first chapter of the manga, he spent a lot of time alone with very few close friends, but also apparently wanted to belong to some sort of a group. Badly enough that he even wished for it., which makes me wonder if that he considers himself to be nothing without these people surrounding him now. The Other especially is closest to him, a part of him, his "other heart" as he referred to it during the DDM arc. It is that part that he is especially the most willing to die for. And that afterwards he promises to give everything to. His memories, his body, his life. Forever. But why? Because he is that naturally giving. Or because he can't bear the thought of being alone. Or some entirely screwed up combination of the two.


Ooof... We'll leave it at that for now. I'm sure there's more (there's always more) but my brain hurts at the unusual amount of thinking I'm making it do and I need to go to work now."
So, just to throw my two cents in, I think I'll list some of the qualities I see in Yuugi:
  • loyal
  • polite, modest, shows gratitude
  • fun loving, caring, friendly
  • emotional
  • gives ANYONE a second chance, even if they have hurt him in the past
  • values friendship above many other things
  • pacifist, doesn't like unnecessary violence
  • strong hearted/strong willed, he is definitely not a weakling, especially by the end of the series
  • huge martyr-complex; he will die for the people he loves
  • he is obsessed with any kind of game, he likes logic and puzzles
  • he is usually quiet and carefree, but if his friends are put in danger he becomes outspoken (assuming Yami no Yuugi is not there to do it for him)
♥ Ryo


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