in a field where nothing grew but weeds...

i found a flower at my feet.

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Since my livejournal has many details about my personal life, I've decided to friends-lock it. I don't update much anymore, so I am currently not accepting new friends. Sorry, I hope you understand.

♥ Ryo

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lol sthu.

btw your icon is cute.

thanks. i made it myself, because i'm so picky when it comes to icons.

awww! i really like it.

what is the icon you are using now from?

why thank you! :D
i even decided to go tweak the lighting and shit because i'm a loser who does not study for her finals.

it's from howl's moving castle. WHAT ELSE? 8D

lol screw finals. XD

i should have knownn.

WAIIIIT get back on msn i'm here!

It's Skye. < 3

I know I'm a complete stranger but I've been reading your stories at and I really love them!, you're a great writer indeed. Although you don't know me, would you add me to your friend list here?, please? I promise not to bother you :D


Sure, I'll add you here. Though I haven't updated my livejournal in a while (as you will see), I may get the chance sometime in the future, ha.

Hello 8D

You know me from the one minute that we've talked on MSN prideshipping group xD

hey zin! you found me on LJ! wow. XD;

sure i'll add you.

Yay! 8D

Because I am a whining teenager with magical powers ;D

Friend!! Its me Star!

Hello. (: Uhm, I know you from, and you seem really awesome. :D I'd like to become friends. :3 ?

Um, sure. Though I don't update my LJ a lot anymore. :p

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