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Naruto Fanfiction Recommendation List (Kakashi Pairings)
A very long time ago, mitsukishiroi used to have a Naruto fanfic recommendation list on her LJ. I don't think it exists there anymore, so I decided to create this one for myself (and anyone else who might stumble upon it).

Keep in mind, this list is not all-encompassing. I have organized it based on pairings with Kakashi, and pairings without Kakashi. Most of the pairings on this list are considered "fanon" (i.e. not likely to happen in the series). These fanfics are my personal recommendations; I believe each to be the exemplary for the pairing it features. I am aware that I may be missing some of the more popular fanfics such as fanartist's Glass Castle [KxS]. Possible reasons for this are because I either never had a chance to read it, was not interested in reading it, or because I read it and did not believe that it was up to my standards. Leave a comment if you have any questions. Please remember that this is my personal list. Respect my opinions and I will respect yours. Happy reading! :)

Last Update: June 6th, 2012
Sad News: leafygirl unfortunately deleted her LiveJournal account so many stories have been lost. I have not saved any copies. Sorry!

Naruto Fanfiction Rec. List

Kakashi Pairings:


[1] The Window by SilverShine
[2] Fated by leafygirl [ch 13 lemon: here, ch 19 lemon: here]
[3] Seven Days by SilverShine
[4] The Nature of the Game by leafygirl [ch 7, 16 & 19 lemons: here]
[5] A Poor Imitation by leafygirl
[6] House of Crows by SilverShine
[7] Does Your Mother Know? by kakashidiot
[8] Coffee Shop by leafygirl
[9] Inspiration by leafygirl [ch 2: here]
[10] A Lesson in Chemistry by leafygirl
[11] Hokage-sama by SilverShine
[12] Nymph by SilverShine
[13] Duty Before Honor by SilverShine
[14] Kakashi's Party by leafygirl
[15] All Her Fault by leafygirl
[16] Three Blossoms by SilverShine
[17] Kakashi & Sakura Drabble Challenges by Winter Ashby
[18] Guilt by leafygirl
[19] Fall by Cheerie Mai
[20] Spring Rain and Winter Storms by SilverShine
[21] Halo's Passage by Wicked Innuendo


[1] Beginning and End by crazy-toffee


[1] Saintly by tsubaki-hana
[2] Monograph by Odyssion


[1] Quiet Storm by IcarusT
[2] On Her Doorstep by leafygirl
[3] KakaRin Urges by leafygirl

[minakaka, yonkaka]

[1] It Takes Two by The Mushuzuki


[1] Anti-Ramen by SilverShine

Other Pairings:


[1] Loophole by leafygirl [ch 19 lemon: here]
[2] Genshi by leafygirl
[3] Hindsight's 20/20 by Tea Leaf (this could also be considered kakasakuita)
[4] The Hour by leafygirl


[1] Pulsate by Odyssion
[2] The Lucky Ones by Odyssion

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OHMYGOD, let's be friends!11!!!one!1!11!11!


Lololol, we're bee-eff-effizzles. <33333333


And as my bee-eff-eff-for-izzles (ha), you should wake up before 12:00 and get on AIM to keep me company as I do my homewo -- I mean, write. :]

But it's so hard NOT to wake up before 12. Seriously, today, I had to set an alarm b/c I'm going somewhere at 1:00. Not even kidding! D:

Hi! Sorry for popping up so randomly, but I saw your FFN profile and clicked on the link to your list.

And um.. well there's this amazing kakasaku oneshot by maideninthemoon(ffn) that I hope you'd take into consideration to put on the list. Here's the link:

D: I hope I'm not troubling you.


i've been re-reading the nature of the game by leafygirl.. and I can't find her lemon chapters anywhere *cries* could you please, please, tell me why the lemons to chapters 16 and 19 aren't clickable?

Re: i want lemon OAO

omg sorry for bothering you, i finally found it after digging through the kakasaku community archives PAGE BY PAGE XD
i be going off to read my lemony goodness now~ thanks :D

Re: i want lemon OAO

Ah, it's cool. I know how it is when you really want to read a lemon, HA.

I think I have them saved on my computer somewhere, actually. But if you already found them, then that's cool. Happy reading. n___n

Do you think you could dig them out for me? *puppy dog eyes*

Re: i want lemon OAO

I uploaded them for you:

Its a .docx file, viewable in the newest version of MS word. if you can't open it, just let me know and I'll change the format and upload it again. happy reading!! :)

Urg yeah, the new version never works for me. It would be nice if you could chang the format for me.

Thank so much in advance!

Re: i want lemon OAO

Here, i changed it to a .txt file (viewable in notepad and wordpad) cause the doc file upload (lower vers of MS word) didn't work for some reason. it kept coming up as an error on megaupload.

let me know if you can successfully open this one! :)

OMG mind linking me?

Thank you very much for sending us "The Nature of the Game" Lemons! I didn't know there were even. Fortunately I have the first lemon saved in my computer! It looks like an interior voice "told me" to save that! ^^

Unfortunately, leafy_girl deleted her live-journal and we can't read her stories anymore. :(

I would be really but really appreciated if you could send the lemons of "Fated" too. I'm a huge fan of that fic but now as her journal was deleted I've been wondering if you or someone else have the lemons of 13 and 19th lemons.

I'll message you.

Do you have the Fated lemons??!! :'( I need them so much!

sorry to be a bother but would it be possible if maybe i could also have the links to the lemons from TNOTG chapter7, and Fated also? Please

Hello there, terribly sorry to bother you but would you mind uploading the lemons onto another file hosting site? Megaupload isn't available in my region, and I'm dying to read the lemons after re-reading tnotg ;_;

thanks so much!

Wow, I just scrolled up and noticed I'd already asked you for them 2.5 years ago. Yay, her fics are just THAT good to merit re-reading again. Anyway I don't want to have to go through the lj community page by page again, so thanks loads :)

LOL yeah I was like.... "didn't she already comment?" haha. Anyway I remembered that I put the lemons from TNOTG (but not Fated) on this xanga site a loooooong time ago. See if it works for you:

Oh yes they work. *covers you with kisses* thanks so much :P

I NEEEEEEEEEEEED to read the fated lemons, do they still exist ANYWHERE now that megaupload is gone? :'(

Hey, thanks for the links. Is it possible to get any of her other stories that were on her journal? I loved her writing, and the saved copies that I had got deleted when my hard drive decided to take a dirt nap.

Re: Leafygirl fics

Sorry... I haven't saved any of her other fics from her LJ. :(

Gosh I absolutely love Leafygirl fics! Thank you for lemon links. I usually save my most favorite stories but this time I forgot! Saymaybe you have "inspiration", "Guilt" or Left Behind Sakura's Story"? I'd be sogreatful! I'm looking everywhere for it!

I have a link to Inspiration but I don't have the rest or know where to find them. :(


I can't go on with my life until I read the chapter 13 and 19 "lemons"... Haha, but seriously, I am going to die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will get them for you just give me a sec I have to find them on my external hard drive.

hey i was wondering if you could please link me the lemons for the nature of the game and fated? the old links dont seem to work for me...

Re: the nature of the game

this doesn't seem to be working D: I have an open request for the Loophole lemon but, I am rereading Nature of the Game now and can't get my hands on the "Let Me" lemon even though I found the other ones. halp!

Re: the nature of the game

hey, sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I don't have any Loophole stuff but I have the lemons for Fated and Nature of the Game. here are the ones for nature...

let me know if it works. enjoy.

Re: the nature of the game

thanks very much!!! I'm still on the hunt for Loophole, but it will likely be a long and slow one based on the search so far lol

Re: the nature of the game

Totally just tried to find it too. I miss leafy :(

RE: Re: the nature of the game

Could you post the ones for Fated please?

Re: the nature of the game

hi, did you perhaps save the lemon chapters when she linked you to them? that filedropper link is no longer working and I cannot find the Let Me extra chapter from Nature of the Game. if you have it and could send it to me, it would be greatly greatly appreciated!! :D

does anyone perchance have a copy of the lemon for Loophole? I can't find that anywhere even in archives and her LeafyToo LJ is gone. ItaxSaku is my faaaavorite, any help would be much appreciated!!

Just would like to thank you for saving and sharing again and again the lemon chapters from the nature of the game! I looked for it everywhere and finally I can read them again!

Thank you very much!

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